Almost every state has laws stating that people have auto insurance, but the actual regulations regarding auto insurance vary from state to state - so the type of coverage that you require depends on the state in which you live in.

Even if there are no laws, it is highly recommended that you have some form of cover; otherwise you may end up paying out huge amounts of money in the event of an accident, or even losing your home, in a worst-case scenario.

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Finding the Least Expensive Car Insurance in USA

Most people in USA would just as soon deal with a root canal as try to figure out the right car insurance to buy for the lowest rates. On top of the confusion, the fine print and trying to figure out whether to buy over the internet or through an actual agent, there is the fun of trying to determine what you actually need.

For instance, if your car is older and not financed, you probably do not need full coverage or anything close. You will need liability in case you are at fault for hitting someone and you may need coverage in the event that someone breaks into your car or is at fault for hitting you but is uninsured.

There are all sorts of combinations o insurance you can get and depending upon the deductible you choose, the age and value of your car and how good your driving record is, these will all be factors in the price of your insurance.

One of the most important things to do to find the best rates available is to do some research and compare coverage - line by line. Talk to several agents by phone or in person and check several companies on the internet.

Have each company fax you a quote that shows what you would be paying for the insurance you have discussed on your car. If they choose to put anything extra in the quote such as towing, car rental or other types of coverage, ask them to put that information down under the actual quote you discussed and that way you will be able to compare the coverage you actually need first.

If you want to know how much $25,000 of liability costs vs. $50,000, have the company send two separate quotes so you don't get confused. In addition, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If you get 5 quotes, they should all have the same information regarding coverage on a line by line basis, along with the cost for each part of the coverage and then a total. You should be able to see which one is the most expensive and which is the least, while making sure the quotes are for the same coverage with each company.

Once you do this, you should be able to determine the least expensive insurance with the best insurance for you. Another tip to keep payments low is to compare annual to semi-annual to quarterly to monthly payments to see how much you might be able to save in service charges.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to determining the least expensive car insurance for you, but a little research should give you the answers you need and save you some money.

Car Insurance Q & A

Question: If someone borrows my car and crashes it, does my insurance apply, or does theirs?
Answer: Generally speaking, the liability follows the car, so your insurance would apply, as it is your car. The liability insurance of the driver often pays the additional amount if the costs payable are above your policy limits.

Question: If a child goes to college with mom or dad’s car, are they covered under the parents’ personal auto policy?
Answer: This can vary from company to company. Check with the insurance provider and make sure that the child is listed as an additional driver. Do this before the child goes to college, and it will avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

Question: Do I need ‘gap’ insurance?
Answer: If your vehicle is on finance, and its value is now less than the amount you owe, then yes you need gap insurance. If you owe less than its value, then no, you do not need gap insurance.