Almost every state has laws stating that people have auto insurance, but the actual regulations regarding auto insurance vary from state to state - so the type of coverage that you require depends on the state in which you live in.

Even if there are no laws, it is highly recommended that you have some form of cover; otherwise you may end up paying out huge amounts of money in the event of an accident, or even losing your home, in a worst-case scenario.

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Finding Affordable Auto Insurance Online

Depending on state law, not having auto insurance is either illegal, or means you are taking a high risk off, of your own back. Some states will suspend uninsured drivers - and they are easy to find as police can perform a simple check on your vehicle registration tag. In the current financial climate, money is tight, so the question is how can you get affordable auto insurance in USA?

The first step is to shop around for the best deal. There are many online comparison sites that will give you prices for a range of insurance companies. You can then compare these rates to those of local companies you find through the yellow pages etc. Make sure you are aware of exactly what you are getting for your money, as the cheapest policies can sometimes have glaring omissions, and will not be worth taking out. Sometimes it is better paying that little bit extra every month to give yourself additional coverage in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Be aware that there are several factors that will influence the quotes you get from insurance providers. You previous driving record is a major one - previous driving offences will be taken into account, and the best drivers with clean records are given the best deals, as they are regarded as less of a risk.

The age of the driver(s) is another key factor. Older drivers have been shown to be more careful and less of a risk. Younger drivers often get a discount when they reach 25 years-old.

The type of vehicle being insured will play a key role in the quote you get. Sports car, luxury vehicles and SUV's can be costly to insure. The cheapest rates are reserved for cars that are perceived as safer to drive and easier to repair.

The safety rating of the car is also important. If you have safety features such as anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices and/or air-bags, you should receive a reduced rate. A five-star safety rating can knock your price down considerably. The age of the vehicle and the mileage that you drive in a year can also be taken into account by insurers.

Almost any car owner can find an auto insurance discount that applies to them, if they search long and hard enough. Speak to insurance companies and see which cars they offer reduced premiums on, and what discounts they offer. Keep your driving record as clean as possible, shop around and do your research, and you will likely find a car insurance package that offers a rate to suit your budget.

Car Insurance Q & A

Question: If someone borrows my car and crashes it, does my insurance apply, or does theirs?
Answer: Generally speaking, the liability follows the car, so your insurance would apply, as it is your car. The liability insurance of the driver often pays the additional amount if the costs payable are above your policy limits.

Question: If a child goes to college with mom or dad’s car, are they covered under the parents’ personal auto policy?
Answer: This can vary from company to company. Check with the insurance provider and make sure that the child is listed as an additional driver. Do this before the child goes to college, and it will avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

Question: Do I need ‘gap’ insurance?
Answer: If your vehicle is on finance, and its value is now less than the amount you owe, then yes you need gap insurance. If you owe less than its value, then no, you do not need gap insurance.