Almost every state has laws stating that people have auto insurance, but the actual regulations regarding auto insurance vary from state to state - so the type of coverage that you require depends on the state in which you live in.

Even if there are no laws, it is highly recommended that you have some form of cover; otherwise you may end up paying out huge amounts of money in the event of an accident, or even losing your home, in a worst-case scenario.

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Important to Save On Auto Insurance Where You Can

Given the way the current economy is in USA, it is wise to save wherever you can. Take auto insurance for instance, a golden rule when buying auto insurance is to shop around. This sounds obvious, but many people do not get the recommended three quotes before committing to a policy. The best way of getting these quotes is online, as not only is it the quickest and easiest method of getting a quote, you are also able to get more than one quote at a time, and are able to compare the prices and benefits at your leisure, rather than being pressured into purchasing it there and then by a pushy sales associate.

Keeping your policy Updated
It is vital that you keep your auto insurance policy up to date. This means letting your provider know of any changes in your personal circumstances, such as a change of address or change of job. If you move home to an area that is regarded as a safer neighborhood, you may be eligible for a discount on your policy. If you change jobs and start working from home, for example, you will be driving a lot less distance every year, and as a result are less at risk of being in an auto accident. This should also reduce your policy fees. Other changes in circumstances that can result in a reduction are if you take an advanced driving course, and if you get married and decide to have a joint policy, or run just one car instead of two.

Other Ways to Save on Auto Insurance
You do not have to have a change in circumstances to save money on your auto insurance. By making amend to your existing policy – such as increasing your comprehensive and collision deductibles, you can also save. Before you take this step, however, you should make sure that it is worth doing, and that you will actually benefit from it. If you only save $50 a year from increasing your deductible from $500 to $1000, it is probably not worth it. If you save $300 a year from doing this, then it is a step that should be given some serious thought.

Also consider combining your auto insurance with your other types of insurance, such as home or personal cover. Companies will often give multiple policy discounts, which can really stack up the savings.

In today’s tough financial climate companies have to do everything to attract new customers, so shop around and get yourself the best deal. Affordable auto insurance is within your reach.

Car Insurance Q & A

Question: If someone borrows my car and crashes it, does my insurance apply, or does theirs?
Answer: Generally speaking, the liability follows the car, so your insurance would apply, as it is your car. The liability insurance of the driver often pays the additional amount if the costs payable are above your policy limits.

Question: If a child goes to college with mom or dad’s car, are they covered under the parents’ personal auto policy?
Answer: This can vary from company to company. Check with the insurance provider and make sure that the child is listed as an additional driver. Do this before the child goes to college, and it will avoid unnecessary disputes later on.

Question: Do I need ‘gap’ insurance?
Answer: If your vehicle is on finance, and its value is now less than the amount you owe, then yes you need gap insurance. If you owe less than its value, then no, you do not need gap insurance.