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Whether you’re ready to buy or just conducting research, current auto rebates, factory rebates, incentives, financing, and clearance deals will have a big impact on your decision-making process. Everyone likes a good deal. With so many things to spend your money on these days, it makes sense to save as much money as possible when making a major purchase like a new car, truck, or SUV

Car makers are looking to move unsold inventory, so they will issue incentives and rebates to assist auto dealers in selling all the vehicles on the lot. They are especially likely to include factory rebates, special financing offers, and other incentives on their less-popular models, as these are the cars they are having the most trouble selling.

As you go through the buying process, make sure you have the most recent information on available rebates and incentives to ensure you get the best possible deal. Compare rebates online, and see incentives before you visit your local car dealers. Incentives are always changing, so it’s important to stay updated on current rebates and local incentives.

Auto Rebates

The most common incentives you will come across are cash-back rebates. Whether you keep the money or use it to pay down the amount you’ll have to finance depends on your personal financial situation. If you need the cash now and don’t mind a little higher monthly payment, you’ll most likely want to pocket the money. If, on the other hand, you wish to have smaller monthly payments, you can apply the cash-back rebate toward the amount of your down-payment on the car.


Often you can get financing at a lower interest rate, including 0% APR loans. Another way to lower your monthly payment is to get financing over a longer term, such as 60 or 72 months. Be sure to find out if you qualify for either a lower APR or longer term. On rare occasions, you can combine a low interest rate with a longer term, providing you with the best possible deal.


Most incentives involve methods for making an auto lease or purchase more affordable. Be sure to investigate the incentive completely, and understand what it means to you financially over the life of the lease or loan. Some relatively simple calculations regarding purchase price, interest rate, and the vehicle’s value over time will help to determine the best overall incentive offer. Other incentives may include non-monetary offers, such as free or reduced-price travel, special option packages, and service inclusions.

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